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What We Do

energy procurement consultants

Energy Procurement

SPS can lower and fix your current energy rates! We develop a custom plan that ensures you get the best rates available.
renewable energy procurement consultants

HVAC Load Reduction

We offer products that significantly lower upfront HVAC system costs and reduce annual energy consumption up to 30%.
renewable energy procurement consultants

Renewable Energy

SPS can explore various distributive generation and renewable energy solutions that can help your business produce its own power.
energy procurement companies

LED Retrofitting

SPS has lighting solutions for all types of business. Energy efficient lighting can save up to 60% on your energy bills.

We Offer Services to

renewable energy procurement consultants


Want to lower your electricity bill? All we need is your Utility number. The rest is our job. Consider us as to be your very own “In-house Energy Specialist.” We will assist you in lowering your costs from start to finish. We get up to 40% in instant savings on your Electricity supply costs.
energy procurement companies


Synergy Power Solutions is dedicated to working together with its clients to find the best possible energy solutions for their business. Whether it is lowering your electric bill, using new energy efficiency technologies or going green we have your turnkey energy solutions.

Why Us

  • Satisfied Customers
  • Savings Achieved
  • MWh of lifetime energy savings
  • Guarantee of Lower rates

Why Us ?

We are an experienced team with rich domain knowledge. Our sole purpose is client satisfaction by providing unique and customized solutions. We love what we do, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. We constantly work with our suppliers and partners to offer the best solution for your business. We have been chosen as the exclusive energy consultant for thousands of businesses from schools, hospitals, municipalities, restaurant chains, large box retailers and management companies

Our Clients

energy procurement providers Illinois
energy procurement services
energy procurement companies
renewable energy procurement consultants
energy procurement services
energy procurement providers Illinois
energy procurement services
Lower energy rate


Our Service Areas

Synergy Power Solutions is proud to serve 20k+ customers across the states

We offer our Energy Procurement services in all deregulated energy states and markets. Many householders and entrepreneurs just like you across the country are taking advantage of newly deregulated, competitive energy markets. Our other services are available to you in all the states. We at Synergy Power Solutions offer Energy procurement services to residential and Businesses in the following regions: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas & Washington DC.
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