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Your current local utility continues to deliver electricity and natural gas to your business, and still responds to service interruptions and continues to maintain the poles, wires, and pipelines. You will continue to receive the same reliable service you are used to with your local utility company, regardless of which energy provider from which you receive service. It’s helpful to think of electricity and natural gas deregulation like the deregulation that occurred several years ago in the long-distance telephone service market. Consumers now have the power to choose the long-distance carrier of their own liking. However, regardless of which long-distance carrier they choose, their phone lines are still provided and serviced by the same local phone company.
You can now choose to buy your energy from a different supplier than the original supplier for your area. These companies are called Retail Electric Suppliers. Synergy Power Solutions has strong relationships with 30+ suppliers who compete for your business, so we can provide you with extremely competitive rates.
Yes, you can! “I’ll just get three quotes and go with the best one.” Many people have used that strategy, without successfully negotiating the best price. There are several reasons why – 1. They didn’t know what to ask for. There are many plans available, and it’s vital to pick the plan that works best for your energy use profile. 2. Energy bids aren’t like bidding on E-Bay. Each provider has their own rules and requirements. It’s a lot of work…more so if you don’t know the industry. 3. We bring thousands of customers to the table. Suppliers work harder for us because they want to stay in our competitive pool. 4. We work with suppliers to make sure that they are providing the most competitive bid for you. This allows you to focus on your business while we focus on reducing your energy costs. 5. Synergy Power Solutions works to lock in a low rate on all your supply charges. We know what we’re being offered, and which options really are the best for YOU.
If you wait too long to lock in a price, rates may increase. Lock in your rate today and enroll in Synergy Power Solutions.

About SPS

Synergy Power Solutions is a licensed energy consultant in the State of Illinois. We pride ourselves on helping thousands of customers save money on their electric bills by negotiating the best energy rates possible through our relationships with the largest Retail Energy Suppliers. We strive to become our clients’ trusted in-house energy advisors.
We are an experienced team with rich domain knowledge. Our sole purpose is client satisfaction by providing unique and customized solutions. We love what we do, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. We constantly work with our suppliers and partners to offer the best solution for your business.
Yes, we offer our energy procurement services to individual householders. We serve to both residential and commercial customers.
You don’t have to pay for energy procurement services we charge it from the suppliers. But you must pay for our other services.
Any business (Commercial Entities) or residential energy user in the United States, small and large, that want to reduce their energy costs.


Regardless of which energy provider we help you choose, your electricity and natural gas will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the local utility company, a company still regulated by the Public Utility Commission in your state.
Your local wires company is still responsible for the maintenance and repair of the poles and wires. You will call them in the event of an emergency or outage at the number provided on your bill. Utilities are required to respond with equal attention to all their customers, regardless of the supplier.
If this were to take place, you would not be without energy. Your energy supplier must give you advanced notice to select a new supplier. However, if you do not choose a new energy provider, your service will automatically be switched to another supplier for your area or return to the utility. Synergy Power Solutions would again assist you in finding another service supplier with equally competitive rates.


In almost all cases, you will still receive only one bill from your same utility company with your new lower rate.
By providing your Energy Advisor with a copy of your bill it allows us to look up your historical energy usage information. This information is what the suppliers will analyze to decide what rates they will offer in their bids. Your bill does not contain any personal information.
You may have a single billing option or dual billing based on your supplier. Sometimes it is nice to know exactly what you are paying for supply and delivery on separate bills.

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