HVAC Load Reduction

HVAC Load Reduction technology helps clean air while reducing energy usage.
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About the service

HVAC Load Reduction technology represents a vital addition to conventional HVAC Systems to reduce the heating and cooling load of outside air. The molecular air cleaning technology removes previously hard to capture contaminants from indoor air, thereby decreasing the required volume of outside air ventilation and providing more control over air quality. This is ideal for large office buildings, Large Commercial Class A buildings, universities, hospitals and property management groups. Synergy Power has a software management system from our partners that can help reduce your energy costs. The chiller smart management systems incorporate a sophisticated set of algorithms and a building IoT sensor technology. This CSMS will control the building chiller system and optimize its operation, saving vast amounts of energy while internal temperatures remain the same.

How can it benefit you?

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HVAC load reduction system helps in reducing Energy costs.
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It drastically reduces intake of outdoor pollutants improving indoor air quality.
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Scalable solution for all kind of buildings and flexible enough to retrofit your older systems.
Lower electricity bill
It helps in saving the capital expenditure in operating cost.

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